The CCTV Centre


CCTV Tools
Full Milestone client (V7a)

IPad/Android client
(Logon Smart dlient and configure first. Mobile server:

CCTV Demostrations
Demo of Milestone

Demo of IPad/Android Apps

CCTV Management:
CCTV Policy
Joining CCTV - flowchart
School based costing scenarios .
Municipal CCTV Services

CCTV Resources:
Storage costs (including how much you need)
CCTV costs and budget (from a Loop perspective)
Milestone CCTV ports
An example of a 'site survey'.
Letter to the community
Damage to schools (MoE report- doc)
Panasonic cameras
Milestone Corporate product (site)

CCTV cameras - manual and protected links
Loop CCTV monitoring interface (manual and protected link)
The Dungeon
camera - Loop server farm @ Nayland (manual and restricted link)

EdSerf camera - Loop server farm @ NGC (manual and protected link)
Waimea Library camera @ Waimea College (manual and protected link)
NIS camera
s(manual and protected link)
MBC cameras (manual and protected link)