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Peter Crins (community Police)
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Loop entities (Loop governance, Network Tasman Limited)
Online Communication ltd, (Loop CCTV sponsors).
The offices of the Nelson, Marlborough and Tasman Mayors,
Nelson, Richmond  and Marlborough community policing officers,
NMIT (CEO and Network Manager),
and Councils Network Managers.

 Dear Mayors, Community Police and Network Managers,

The Loop[i]  has almost completed the construction of a ‘Top of the South’ security CCTV system for the use of schools within the Nelson/Marlborough region.

The projects goal was to lease space on central storage server(s) and to purchase software where data streams from the various cameras owned by schools can be stored and managed centrally. This has been done and beta  trials have been successfully completed. The Loop is about to launch this new service early in the new school year.

The projects aim has been to …

·         Enable schools to cooperate and share in the monitoring and technology costs.

·         Keep the integrity and sovereignty of each school intact.

·         Yet be able to ‘pipe’ monitoring video to almost any location or service (e.g. a voluntary based monitoring team such as that operated by the community police).

The hardware and software[ii] used is ‘top of the line’ meeting the security standards as defined by such organisations the CIA, FBI and the Dept of Corrections. The Loop has trialled this system for two months and it has proved to be a reliable and quality service.

During the Loop initial investigations we discovered that there were other surveillance technologies out there in the community that were quite old and digitally isolated. Many of these community groups expressed the wish of upgrading to a more modern digital central system but economic and technology restrictions would make this difficult to achieve.

The obvious answer is to cooperate and share both the infrastructure and software so that all parties can benefit both from the savings involved but also the quality service. We could all be winners.

If you or your organisation would be interested in pursuing this concept further please contact the writer of this document (Geoff) as soon as possible.
The probable development of a local IX (Internet Exchange) would make this project even more attractive to community organisations.
The reader would have also noticed the accent on ‘community organisations’. This service is non profit and is structured to operate in a cooperative rather than a competitive commercial environment.

Geoff Scrimgeour
(Loop manager)

[i] The Loop: The Loop is a high speed fibre communication system based on the Network Tasman fibre that operates across the ‘Top of the South Island’. It is managed on a non profit basis. It currently has a membership of 30 schools (+ NMIT).

[ii] Software: The Loop is using the Milestone Corporate software for CCTV management, a virtual server farm for storage and camera gear from a variety of vendors and installers.