Storage Calculations and costs

Storage is the great variable in calculating CCTV costs.
It basic depends on that the user wants.
The more and longer detail required ... the more expensive the storage.

Here is a calculator that will help you work out the cost for your school or institution.
It is very easy to setup your scenario using this tool and work out the total storage requirements for your environment.

The Loop would encourage each user to setup and save their project on this site.
In this way the benefits and main cost variables are under your control.

Once you have worked out your storage requirements you will need to decide where you want the CCTV footage stored.

Method 1:
Smaller business and schools may like to ask the Loop to storage the footage for you.
This is the 'default' arrangement.
This this case you will need to have a look at this Loop site on 'Digital storage' costs for appropriate storage costs.

Method 2:
Large schools and businesses however may want to store it on their own servers.
In this case you will need to see your IT manager.
Remember to take a printout of your calculations.