CCTV Setup Flowchart

Setting up CCTV at your school.
There are four steps that need to be taken when setting up CCTV at your school.

A: Establishing Awareness and Need.
Schools and other community institutions are increasingly using security monitoring as a tool.
It makes technical and economic sense to share and aggregate the requires expertise and resources.
The AWARENESS stage is very important as it is at this point that schools often make sudden decisions based on poor expertise.

B: Gathering expertise:
It is very important that schools gather expertise. The variance quality in both available camera equipment and software is huge.
The Loop has established a reliable and qualified set of expertise and costs against which schools and other organisations can base their decisions.
Schools should ask ... are the various solutions being offered significantly better and more easily managed than that of the Loop?
Note: This 'site survey' cost by the various suppliers will have to be paid for somewhere in the process.... be precise and work to get value for money.

E: Setting up the equipment
Once you have selected the camera(s) and recording software (two different decisions that often involve two different agencies) you need to set the system up.
This is the operational side ... the system needs to be as smooth, informative as possible yet be confidential.
Note: Selecting a camera location is one of those tasks that looks easy but very difficult to get perfect. Experience is crucial ... it is more of an art than a science.

D: Tuning the operation.
Typically it takes about three months to tune a CCTV system once is has been installed.

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